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I don’t know whats so special about me following you but when i get home i am dowloading that gif. XD

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Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist - ‘Ken’ Teaser Trailer (by StreetfighterLegacy)




So, seeing as tagged me in hers and it’s the first time anyone’s ever tagged me in things, you all get to know 5 things a really like about myself

1. I like my voice and the things it does.

2. I like that I can recognise that people care about me, you get used…

Oh gosh! I got tagged to do a thing! I’m typing from my phone atm so these will probably be brief. 1. I like that I can cook just about anything I decide to try. 2. I like that I have an artistic side to myself even though it doesn’t always show or decide to cooperate. 3. I like having the drive to learn. I’m always curious about things and enjoy looking up facts and info about any given subject. 4. I like that I am generally patient. I try my best to keep from being impatient with people and situations out of my control. 5. I like being even tempered. I hate wasting energy on being angry over little things that don’t matter in the grander scheme of things. Ok, so I guess it’s tagging time. Please don’t feel obligated to do this if you are uncomfortable with the idea.
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I love talking about myself! So here are five fun facts.

1) I have a tiny bald spot in my left eyebrow from when I got chicken pox as a kid. But I can hide it pretty well.

2) I am scared of monkeys and heights. Monkeys creep me out, and I can’t even go near windows in tall buildings.

3) I love traveling. Even waiting about in an airport is fun to me! Its about the fun of looking forward to an adventure, or thinking of hte fun you had before returning to reality.

4) I started knitting to keep myself from biting my nails when I watched movies.

5) Though I hated going to college, I miss learning in a classroom environment. I’d love to audit college classes one day.

Tag time! Y’all don’t have to do this if you’d rather not, but it is fun c:

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Oh. Well, I guess I can do this. =3

  1. I still only have a 21 and Under ID and no drivers license.
  2. I haven’t thrown up since I was 13.
  3. Even if they can easily help me, I never go to my family if I have a problem, be it money or other.
  4. If a Disney movie has a character singing, I most likely won’t watch it.
  5. I make people mad when I make tabletop RPG characters because I always unintentionally make then extremely underpowered and mediocre.

Now, the tagging thingy. If you don’t wanna do it, it’s fine. =3

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you are the dancing queen
young and sweet
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Okay so Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse is basically a fantastic web series. The characters fully acknowledge that they’re all dolls, complete with being made of plastic, making click sounds when you try to pose their legs, and Barbie’s having a wardrobe full of accessory packs and all of her previous careers being canon. 

There’s three seasons of episodes available now and they’re all around the 4 minute mark. Check it out. 

I think somebody was given the job to write these up, figured that the whole Barbie stuff are ridiculous and made these cartoons for everybody not also into Barbie to enjoy, too.



Yay! I was able to macro the 4th and 5th buttons on my mouse to J and L so I can browse Tumblr and like things easier!

Do I not have anything better to do?